With a flat monthly fee, near cost labs, medications, supplies and other services, and no third-party billing, you won't have to worry about surprise bills, navigating insurance issues or other stressful billing problems.

Flexible Options

Our membership rate is fixed and affordable, and includes as many in-office visits as you need! Enjoy same-day appointments on weekdays as well as extended phone hours.

Personalized Care

We get back to the heart of what healthcare should be: building a relationship of trust with your provider. Our streamlined system frees up more of your providers' time for the most important thing: you and your family.

What Is Direct Primary Care?


As a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic, we bill directly to our patients and don't deal with any third-party billers or insurance companies. This keeps us directly accountable to YOU for the quality of your care.


Most of our patients pay a fixed fee per month that is similar to a typical phone bill. Our streamlined process helps reduce our overhead costs, and we then pass on those savings to you!


A provider at a large hospital or traditional practice might see hundreds of patients AND have to deal with the logistical hassle that comes with a complex medical billing system. This leaves less time for them to do what they really want to do: taking care of patients. Our simple system removes the extra burden, freeing our doctors up to simply care for their patients.

Common Questions

Direct Health programs are growing in popularity, but they are still new to many people. Here are some of the questions we get the most.

What does a Direct Health membership provide to me and my family?

Haven Direct Health will provide primary care Health services to you and your family as outlined in Exhibit A of the current “Membership Terms and Conditions” of Haven Direct Health Systems, LLC. In addition to these services, a “wholesale” pharmacy service, “wholesale” point of care service, and “wholesale” lab service is available to members.

Will Haven Direct Health bill my insurance?

No. Haven Direct Health does not participate in Medicare, Medicaid, or any other government or private health insurance plan or program. Neither Haven Direct Health nor any of its employees or contractors will submit claims to any government or private insurance. If the Member has health insurance coverage that may pay for any fees charged by Haven Direct Health, the Member is solely responsible for submitting any claims for reimbursement to that health insurance. Haven Direct Health makes no representation as to whether the monthly fees or any fees for non-covered services are covered by any government or private insurance plan or program or any other third party.

What are the advantages of a Direct Health membership?

Haven Direct Health provides a benefit that ensures timely access to a Provider with whom you can develop a personal and consistent relationship. Providers are often available by text, email, and phone calls. Providers are often available on an extended-hours basis. Member-only pharmacy, Point of care testing, labs, and equipment can drastically reduce healthcare costs.

Will a Direct Health Care membership change any of my current insurance benefits?

No. Your current insurance benefits will remain the same, including Medicare, Medicaid, IHS and VA.

Will Haven Direct Health treat my emergency?

The Covered Services do not include continuous availability or immediate response for emergency medical situations or conditions. Emergency medical situations or conditions are defined as situations or conditions with symptoms that are severe enough to cause a reasonable person to believe that without immediate medical attention, the life or health of the person could be at risk of serious impairment. In the event of an emergency situation or condition, Member will call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room and follow the direction of emergency personnel.

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